Millionaires Club Progressive Slot

Millionaire’s Club Slot is a nine line, five reel progressive slot machine that is extremely popular with slots players all over the world. Like many other slots, the Millionaire’s Club game is both exciting and entertaining, but the Millionaire’s Club game differs from most because it allows the slots player to choose between several coin values (from 25p to £5) without having to switch to a separate machine.

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Getting Started
Before you start playing the Millionaire’s Club Slot progressive slot machine, you need to select the coin value you want to play with. Click on the UP arrow to increase the coin value or the DOWN arrow to decrease it until the value displayed is the one you want. When you have done this, select the number of lines you want to play. Millionaire’s Club allows you to play anything between one and nine lines on any given spin. Playing nine lines obviously gives you a greater chance of winning, but costs will naturally be higher.

Total Bet
The Total Bet area of the play field shows the coin value you have selected and the number of lines you have opted to play. This is a good feature which allows you to check that things are as you expect before you begin. When you are happy with your coin and line settings, click on the SPIN button to set the five Millionaire's Club reels in motion. The five reels will spin for a couple of seconds and then stop sequentially.

Checking the reels
When all five reels have stopped, the slot machine will automatically check the symbols on screen against the various winning combinations (you can see these by clicking a button at the bottom of the screen to open the pay table) and automatically calculate any winnings that are due. The amount of your win on any spin is displayed for easy reference in a window labelled PAID. This amount is credited to your account when you next spin the reels, minus the cost of the subsequent bet, of course.

Millionaires Club Slot Rules

The Millionaire’s Club progressive slot machine operates according to a number of rules that you would do well to familiarise yourself with before winning:

  • All wins are paid exclusively from left to right.
  • If wins coincide on different paylines then these wins are added together if you have played the lines involved.
  • There are Millionaire’s Club “scatter symbols” on the first, third and fifth reels.
  • If you get three Millionaire’s Club symbols in any position, the game goes into Bonus Feature mode.

Millionaire's Club Bonus Feature

When the Millionaire's Club bonus feature is activated, a prize wheel made up of three concentric circles will appear. The outer circle will turn and eventually stop on a number or arrow symbol. If it stops on a number, your bet will be multiplied by that number and your total payout displayed in the TOTAL BONUS window. If the circle stops on an arrow symbol, the bonus feature progresses and the middle circle will turn. Again, the circle will stop on a number or arrow symbol. A number will multiply your original win by the same amount, and an arrow symbol will take you into the centre circle, which will then start moving.

If you land on a number on either of the outer circles, you can either opt to take the prize and end the bonus feature, or spin again. But be careful: if you choose to spin again the number you landed on (and all other points with the same number) will dim and become a 'bust' spot, indicated by a letter B. If you land on one of these the bonus feature ends and all you will get is a consolation prize. Land on any other number or arrow symbol and the previously described rules apply.

The bonus feature ends when you land on a B for 'bust', collect a cash prize, get to the centre circle or win the jackpot. The progressive jackpot for the Millionaire's Club game starts at $175,000, so even if you win at the lowest level, you're in for a very handsome payout.

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