Millionaires Club Jackpot Winner

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A player enjoying our favourite Millionaire’s Club slot machine game for the very first time is beside himself with excitement having won the progressive jackpot worth more than $8,000,000!

The progressive jackpot was won at InterCasino on Tuesday 15 May by a player named Obaesso. He had decided to play Millionaire’s Club with his wife, not realising that before long he would be the winner of the world’s biggest ever online jackpot and an instant multi-millionaire.

InterCasino is used to making history. It was one of the first casinos to allow players to play with real money when it was launched back in November 1996. In December 2005 it set a world record for the biggest online jackpot when a play won $1,768,518.49 by playing Millionaire’s Club. And now, less than two years later, it obliterates that previous record by paying out eight million dollars to another Millionaires Club player!

Of course, we’ve been enthusiastic about Millionaire’s Club for a long time, which is why this site is dedicated to the game. With five reels, nine pay lines and the most attractive gaming theme around there isn’t anything not to like about it. Add a progressive jackpot feature that starts at $175,000 and climbs rapidly and... well, this is exactly why the Millionaires Club slot is so popular.

Being a first time player, Obaesso couldn’t quite believe his luck when he won the $8 million jackpot, so he telephoned InterCasino to ask them for confirmation of his win. When they told him that he was indeed the progressive jackpot winner he, “jumped for joy” – and who can blame him?

Obaesso is now planning to take a trip to London to collect his $8 million cheque in person – something else that’s a first because until now he’s never travelled more than 50km away from home.

As for the rest of us, the Millionaires Club jackpot is already growing following the automatic reset and currently stands at around $1,989,500, so whilst there is some way to go before it reaches the dizzy heights of eight million again, there is already more than enough in the pot for the jackpot to make someone else a millionaire!


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