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A British online casino player is the latest winner of the Millionaires Club jackpot, and he or she is now £1,547,338 richer as a result! Although the winner has not been named, it stands to reason that they are currently thinking about how their new millionaire status will change their lives. Our bet is that the changes will be considerable!

The Millionaires Club game has already given the lucky winner plenty of clues about what is possible. They could buy themselves a sports car, expensive jewellery, a world cruise, a country mansion or maybe even a private plane. Those are just some of the symbols that the Millionaires Club game displays proudly on its reels, and the British winner will soon discover that the real things can be even more enjoyable.

Some people believe that a popular online progressive slots game such as Millionaires Club goes quiet after paying out a large prize, but that isn’t always the case. The Millionaires Club slots game is a genuine game of chance, and prizes are paid out randomly, so there is no rule that says two or more big prizes can’t come along at roughly the same time.

Millionaires Club demonstrated that fact perfectly when it paid out another big prize of $186,118 to a completely different player just a few days after the jackpot had been won. This is great news for Millionaires Club fans, because it means that the next big win really could happen at any time.

As always when the Millionaires Club jackpot is won, the jackpot level is reset to 175,000 of whatever currency is employed so that if another win occurs quickly there is still plenty of cash to be paid out to the lucky player. Although the jackpot was only recently reset it has climbed fast – just take a look at the current prize available at the top right of this screen!

“Whether it’s on land or online, big payouts attract big player action – and CryptoLogic’s games are designed to deliver both,” said CryptoLogic Vice President Justin Thouin. “That’s why CryptoLogic games and Internet casino software are popular among players.”

We couldn’t agree more, but we obviously think that Millionaires Club is the best CryptoLogic game of all – and the British jackpot winner would undoubtedly agree!

The only questions on our mind are how long it will be before the next big Millionaires Club winner comes along and who will it be? If you fancy your chances at giving us the answer to both of those questions then why not have a go at playing Millionaires Club today? As the winner in the UK has recently demonstrated, all you have to do to stand a chance of changing your life forever is play the game!


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