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Millionaires Club is a trilogy of games, all of which offer you the chance to win an epic amount of money. Each version offers a very different gaming style, but there still remains the chance to scoop a huge progressive jackpot regardless of which you play.

The table below allows you to compare the differences between all three Millionaires Club slots:

RTP % Progressive Slot Reels Paylines Bonus Round No. of Symbols Free Spins Mobile/Tablet
Millionaires Club I 94.13 Yes 3 1 Yes 7 Yes No
Millionaires Club II 94.13 Yes 5 9 Yes 12 Yes No
Millionaires Club III 94.55 Yes 5 20 Yes 12 Yes No

Millionaires Club

Millionaires Club is a basic three-reel slot with one pay line that offers players a more traditional gambling experience. Straightforward to play and with the potential to payout huge sums of money thanks to its progressive jackpot, this is a real favourite amongst players who prefer their old school slot machines.

To play, simply select your total stake amount and click spin, it really is that easy.


Millionaires Club II

Millionaires Club II sees the game step-up from the basic three reel, one payline slot machine to a more advanced affair while keeping the progressive jackpot element. This version contains nine paylines across five reels to generate the possibility of even more cash prizes on every spin. Each symbol of wealth will have you dreaming of living the high life, while the flashing diamond encrusted detail will further hammer home your immense desire to claim a huge prize.

To play, simply select the number of paylines and the size of wager you would like to bet. Once you are satisfied, click ?SPIN? and keep those fingers crossed!


Millionaires Club III

Millionaires Club III offers players a modern take on this classic progressive slot series. With 20 paylines across five reels, this slot will delight gamers who prefer a more complex and exciting experience. Featuring diamond-encrusted backdrops and a whole host of luxurious symbols, such as pearls, brandy and jewellery, every spin will spur you on to achieve your dream of becoming a millionaire.

TTo play, simply select the number of paylines and the size of the wager that you wish to play with. All that is left to do is click ?spin? and await the results!


Which Should I Play?

With three versions of Millionaires Club to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which slot is the right one for you. Luckily, below you will find some additional information that will hopefully help you make up your mind.

Millionaires Club

Pros: Millionaires Club dispenses with the frivolity of other slots, resulting in a game that is simple to play and very easy to enjoy. A progressive jackpot and straightforward bonus round make this a fantastic game for those looking for a return to how slots used to be.

Cons: Despite its simple game play, Millionaires Club doesn?t offer the same luxuries as its more modern counterparts. The bonus round is a little harder to reach due to the minimal paylines and with a maximum bet restriction of just three credits, securing big wins may be more difficult.

Verdict - A great online slot machine for beginners or those that prefer a simpler, old school game.

Millionaires Club II

Pros: With nine paylines across five reels, this version offers a number of different ways to win. A high maximum betting limit allows you to vary you wagers which will appeal to both low and high rollers alike.

Cons: The most garish of the three versions, Millionaires Club II is a lot more complex than its predecessor with its additional reels and paylines.

Verdict - An online slot that is relatively simple to play and can offer a decent return in the base game or bonus round.

Millionaires Club III

Pros: With 20 paylines across five reels, a win is never far away and a sizeable maximum wager of 20 credits per line could lead to some truly spectacular returns. A glitzy slot with higher quality graphics, Millionaires Club III offers two bonus rounds and the highest RTP percentage of the three slots.

Cons: A larger number of paylines may be considered complicated for those hoping for a simple slot.

Verdict - Ideal for those who love additional paylines, bonus rounds and a handsome RTP rate.

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